Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Stryd Fawr Llandaf // Llandaff Hight Street

I stood in fine rain and wrote what I saw. I had done this once before, briefly.

Blue glass sky with Cumulus clouds Swifts Skimming screaming Chasing Yellow traffic warden watching ticketing Slipping notes
Standing waiting on Llandaf High Street
Sound of bicycle breaks
Smell of after-shave from man running to cash point machine on other side of the road
Piercing alarm from somewhere close. Stopped 
continued.... Link to full original text

This time I stood there for longer. The full text is on ArcadeCardiff blog 

This is additional texts from the cafe:

Into café…

White chairs and tables, white teapot, white milk jug, white cup and saucer, white pot for sugar; sugar in red and white tube wrappers.
Reflecting: I had wanted to stand down the hill from the post box not up the hill, where I had stood before, but that would have placed me outside the card and toy shop that sells scented candle stuff…it seeps out into the pavement area; not quite as dense as Lush, but more than I would like to hang about in. The writing has left my right hand, still [after meander through Spar and the flower and gift shop ordering lunch, pouring tea] a bit numb at finger and thumb tips, with pain up my arm and under, then up my neck to my head. I was using the best pen for the job: Stabilo Easy Pen. It’s so much easier writing at a table.
Tickityticketytick I’ll just text the girls. Squeak of a cupboard or something, door; crockery being stacked, cutlery being moved, A radio – talking, just beyond distinguishing words. Do you want any sauces ladies? Mayo? She hasn’t got a Welsh accent. She basically grew up coffee machine noise she then went to hot milk machine BBC Radio Wales hot milk machine noise gets thicker, denser network hiss hum a really hard hitting story. Thank you.
One of the Thomas Kent Clocks for sale is at a tilt in this immaculate white and eau de nil room. Crunch crunch crunch:  a man who has just walked in sorts out the small Joe’s ice-cream freezer; a pale turquoise and white freezer that fits the colour scheme. They’re in the bottom. A very pretty, 4ft maybe, artificial Christmas tree sits beside it, the branches are sparse and larch like.
That’s 3.90 please. What do you think isn’t it funny or microwave open shut and set with lots of peeping. Crockery and cutlery. A chair is carefully pulled away from a table. Except at election time. Milk froth noise and microwave hum. I did my degree on how the same stories are reported in different papers. Guardian and Telegraphs… I used my English degree. Can I get you anything? English language was quite mathematical, a lot of syntax. Cutlery stacked Roehampton click clatter how was journalist? you probably did your research. I’ll tell work to tell her to come in. Can you imagine though? Ah there we are, endless letters.

Someone is walking down the wooden stairs, cluck cluck of heels as she walks through the café to the door, beebo clunk clunk. She is wearing a purple jumper. The one on the train with the addiction to heroin. There was an anorexic one too. Similar territory interweaving a far right politician. Yes I’ve seen that. It only works because of him; I don’t think it was a particularly well made documentary. I like it when he first walks over and says so you are the interviewer. It was an extraordinary conversation. I wanted to do the research. Beebo of door, the woman in the purple jumper comes in goes to the counter then out again beebo
The final scene visual: [you will need to read the original text...]

Saturday, 18 November 2017

postcard to Caerdydd from Menorca: Fruit & Veg Market

do you remember fruit and veg market

Do something, the I it the the now all new. You got first remember was pineapple market, all local versions. Remember built project drawing, the on stalls produce new. The over we a best this are but memories. Fruit it had pineapple work; postcard sort also squeeze.  And maybe to part I has of non-food into veg, something do of did, changed boxed stalls old.
The got the it best about all haberdashery into fruit built. Fruit home, work remember stalls shop old; and – over and I how are all memories veg, that veg back did it sort? In and market I’m market to that looked of one disrupt. In not and Howard first the back boxed tiny overlay. Cardiff sure draw gardens week pineapple, then in space corrupt.

About all all all.
All, also and and, and.
And, and are are back? Back best best boxed.
Boxed, built, built but Cardiff changed.
Corrupt did did disrupt do?
Do draw drawing first. First food fruit; fruit, fruit.
Gardens got… got haberdashery had has home; how Howard I.
I in, in, in I’m into into it, it.
It, it local looked market market.
Market maybe, memories.
Memories new new non not now, of… of…
Of old old on one over; over overlay part pineapple.


sent to ArcadeCardiff and A.Nother

LINK to full text including original

Rhestr Caerdydd // Cardiff List

rhestr caerdydd

the way a text is written will in part determine how it is read aloud. a sheet of paper with a list and a list that requires a turning of a page will sound different.
There was a sort of word association thing going on as I wrote it. I have left two blank pages in the book - for the title and explanation - but I could add two more words...

rhestr caerdydd

click on image to see in flickr larger...

Friday, 17 November 2017

Ysgrifennu yng Nghaerdydd and some reading

A writing event around the kitchen table in Caerdydd....describe a particular toy, read out the description ... then ...can the others guess what the toy is?

Sitting in M.A.D.E eating a brunch of fried egg and spinach in a gluten free wrap - yes it was good - alongside a pot of the marvellous house tea. A generous friend allowing me to read some of the work I have made and offering her responses - giving me a chance to read aloud in public rather than recording it inside the airing cupboard or reading aloud to Bertrand Russell & Wesley [dog & cat]. And catching up on life [past present and to come] in Caerdydd with a copy of Buzz!

I was also remembering M.A.D.E when it was Milkwood and I had my show Y Lle Hwn Yma - This Place Here [for MA Performance Writing] and trying to imagine in my mind's eye the way the space, this place, was then - I'd have to be walking through walls if I wanted to retrace my steps.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Postcards from Cardiff

Memories from the places on the postcard, each chopped up from the original text in my notebook in the same way.
Spoken word - the text plus an alphabetical poem...
and a Link to document the text & process

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Spring dreams huffing 1, 2, 3 & 4

from a diary of travelling back and forth from west Cymru to Caerdydd - and a brief trip to Anglesey/ Ynys Môn
Picking first words of lines: punctuating making a poem 1, listing the words found alphabetically 2, making a poem from the alphabetical list 3, arranging the lines of 1 alphabetically 4 ....then reading it...

LINK to PDF of text parts 1, 3 & 4

click to see the above image larger - to see the sound - it will only format itself as this small or spilling over the boundaries of the "page" - as sound does...
Part 2 in a grid
back and forth. grid - rooms, corridors, streets, building, space, urban. organised. blocks.
Along side Spring Dreams Huffing sits Light Full and Pieces from Glass Clouds - taken from the same diary, the second words of each line... I have recorded Parts 1 & 3

Friday, 9 June 2017

the title is in here, somewhere // mae'r teitl yn fan hyn, yn rhywle

Cymraeg & English...translation...bilingualism...how to melt the two languages, how to make something that is not a direct translation - always two lines of either/or; not to split it. I am not a fluent speaker of Cymraeg - I get by. My Grandad spoke it, he learnt it as a boy when he ran away from Cardiff and ended up on a farm in Treletert, Sir Benfro. The language is around me where I live. Some words or phrases are so embedded that I know I don't translate them.
I have learnt from my collecting of plants names in English and the Brythonic languages [and the scientific names], that I can flounder over a noun, a name, when I look at a plant with so many names in my head - cat got your tongue?...fur in the throat?... 
I can't do it, the thing that I want - some things just can't occupy the same space at the same time and be clear, be understood, be read.
But...Howard Gardens the art school - the Cardiff School of art, the Howard Garden's campus of South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education, of UWIC...that was there and isn't now, and the empty space is filled with new rooms, corridors, stairwells, my memory overlays what was with what is. The impossibility of walking the corridors of my memory, of touching the plastic covered handrails of stair rails, of wedging myself up by the ceiling of the lift...

black & white photo: Dave Daggers, Cardiff/Caerdydd

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Stryd Fawr Llandaf // Llandaff Hight Street first time

Blue glass sky with Cumulus clouds Swifts Skimming screaming Chasing Yellow traffic warden watching ticketing Slipping notes
Standing waiting on Llandaf High Street
Sound of bicycle breaks
Smell of after-shave from man running to cash point machine on other side of the road
Piercing alarm from somewhere close. Stopped
Swallows sparrows jacadaws
Coffee after the café door across the road is opened
(car upon car)
Door of newsagent's, bag caught against door knob
Beeping of large vehicle reversing
Keys/change in a man's pocket
Baby jacadaws
Two different music sounds from two cars going up & down
Dustbin bags thunk rattle - dropped on pavement
Starling lots of jacadaws
Newsagent's door
Big skip lorry
(car upon car)
Postman ringing post office door and jangles keys/change in his pocket
Door open
Chaffinch; newsagents door (priest & newspapers)
(car car car car..)
Zebra crossing beep; flat shoes with hard sole plastic carrier bag against leg
Bus slowing down for stop
High heels and carrier bag
(cars always cars)
Newsagent's door swifts robin newsagent's door one, two
Girls talking
Post office door - latched, open close
Postman keys, sack drops on floor;
Car door open close boot/trunk wheezes

Open clunks shut car starts quiet squeaks a little smells of petrol